When I was growing up, my cousin Missy called me “Miss Kris.”  I was girlie yet adventurous, dressing up in our grandmother’s hats and makeup, but also climbing trees, swinging, and looking for treasure in our backyard creek.

When I had my style blog, K on the Bay, my tag line was “Casual Bay Style Meets City Chic.”  I had pieces of my San Francisco and New York City style mixed with a casual Lake Michigan feel, which I thought was a good representation to balance the two very different, yet similar styles.

So, who exactly is “Miss?”

Miss is no-nonsense, simple, yet sophisticated.  She believes “less is more,” and that every woman can find her signature style.

There’s a little Miss in everyone. She’s multifaceted- you won’t put her in a box.

She beats to her own drum.  She plays by her own rules.  She’s classic, yet unapologetically rebellious. She’s fulfilled on her own and doesn’t determine her worth through a partner.

She’s happy simply being “Miss.”

She prefers turning the page of a book and writing in a journal, creating a handmade card to sending one from the store.  She sends postcards to faraway friends and aims to inspire each and every day.

Miss lives each day to the fullest and doesn’t let others determine her destiny.

From pieces that inspire to things to make your home sparkle, Miss has something for everyone.

Meet Miss.

live beautifully.