The Journey

The Path to Living Beautifully

I’ve created a plan to guide you to a fulfilling, peaceful life of purpose. Together, we will dig deep into your passions, discover what brings you joy, and create a plan you can follow to live beautifully within, each and every day.

Mindful in Style coaching embodies the “living beautifully” lifestyle; appreciating simple pleasures, being mindful, and living in awe each and every day.

Getting to know one another.

Every woman has her own personality, challenges, and goals.  In our first session we will talk about where you’re currently at, what you would like to improve, and set up the framework to personal success. During our first week we will establish a self-care plan and get you on the right track to discover your own individual gifts, talents, and voice.  

Discovering the power within.

Just as Glenda the Good Witch told Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, “you had the power all along.”  You are no exception!  However, sometimes it can be difficult to realize (and believe) this on our own.  I am here to encourage you, help you think differently, and hold you accountable to your self-care routine.

Growing through self-awareness.

When we’re aware of ourselves and the world around us, life becomes much more manageable.  How has your perspective changed in the past two weeks? What challenges are you still facing?  This is a wonderful time to celebrate your success, determine what we need to work on, and learn what “living beautifully” means to you.

Putting it all to work.

You will feel more confident on your own and be actively practicing the tools we have worked on in your everyday life.  You will continue daily journaling, gratitude lists, self-care, and focus on using your talents to help others, too. Through working with others, we are able to help ourselves!

Once our four sessions are complete, we will set an action plan and decide what type of coaching will be best for your continued success.

Remember… you deserve it!

Please email me at to learn more.

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