Self-Care Checklist

Self-care is key to living a life of peace and fulfillment.

It’s so easy to put ourselves on the back burner, but before we can help anyone else, we must fill our own cup first.

I created a checklist of my “must-dos” on a daily basis.  They’ve helped me along my own journey, and I am confident they’ll work wonders for you, too!


Take a few minutes to just be each morning. Whether it’s a short meditation, yoga, or simply being mindful of each thing you do, remember to breathe, notice your surroundings, and slow down.


Being clean and ready to take on the day is the ultimate self-care! Not only does it help you wake up, but it’s a great time to pause, reflect, and center yourself for the day.


Whether it’s a meaningful conversation with a family member or simply connecting with your higher self through meditation, connection is crucial to self- care.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Care for yourself by fueling your body each day. If you forget to eat, you’ll feel tired and run-down halfway through the morning. Brain food is key!

Physical Activity

You may not have time for a morning run or yoga session, but be sure to fit some physical activity in each day. Whether you take the stairs instead of the elevator or simply go out for a midday walk, physical activity works wonders for stress, balancing yourself, and your overall mental health.

Create and Appreciate

Journaling is my favorite way to start the morning. There are many ways to create, from singing on your commute to drawing a picture. Express yourself through creativity!

Live in Awe

Are you racing to work, forgetting to notice the beauty around you?

Learn more about empowering yourself and living a life you love.

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