Align with your authentic self.

Are you a creative? A lightworker? A healer? A lover? In today’s society, people are praised for being “successful;” for climbing to the top of the corporate ladder and keeping up with the Jones’s. That was never my ambition. For many years, I had no idea what my purpose was- and I didn’t know what to do that would make me feel fulfilled.

Maybe you can relate.

Writing, sharing my stories, and working with other women began to fill that void in my soul- the void that longed to feel understood. Through connecting with others and using the tools that have helped me along the way, I’ve discovered how powerful our vulnerability is, and that we already have everything we need within to be content.

As a personal empowerment and spiritual coach, I will help you rekindle that spark inside of you, help you pursue your passions, and get into a routine of living beautifully.

Read about my own journey or send me an email to start working with me.

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