Each day I have a journal prompt to help you think differently, put life into perspective, and to discover all you have to offer both yourself and the world around you!


Seven Days of Living Beautifully

Day 1: Write down 10 things you like about yourself.  From “nice hair” to “good writer,” the sky is the limit!  

Day 2:  Next to the list of 10 things, write down one thing you can do to help others with each positive attribute!  

Day 3:  Write down 5 things you will do today to care for yourself.  It could be a bubble bath, going for a run, or treating yourself to a special dinner.

Day 4: What does mindfulness mean to you?  Write down what you think mindfulness is, and we will discuss during our next session.

Day 5: “Should” is a dirty word. As you think of your obligations for the day, write down a way to make each thing you “have” to do fun!  For example, every time I do laundry on Saturday mornings I get a scone and a coffee across the street. It turns chores into an outing!

Day 6: Write down 10 things that you’re in awe of today.  From architecture to flowers, there is beauty all around you- you just have to stop and notice it.

Day 7:  Write down 5 things you have to look forward to today.

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